Plastic Free Congress

When planning the Ocean Plastics Congress, the Organising Committee were conscious of planning to “walk the talk’ when conducting the event. Not only reducing single use plastics during the conduct of the Congress, but embracing wider environmentally positive policy at every opportunity. Reuse, reduce and recycle are the guiding principles.

The commitment to use green power, recycled paper, vegetable inks and items made of naturally sourced materials) is a long established practice by our event organiser (ASN Events). Planning to eliminate long standing standard items such as plastic name pouches, takeaway coffee cups and single use plastic water bottles is underway.

Working with the venue is critical. With the venue on board they can affect change down the supply line, hopefully with permanent change across the the entire industry.

The Congress is using Green Fleet to offset carbon resulting in a managed planting of delegate for each delegate.

All participating organisations, including exhibitors, workshop and social functions organisers will be asked to operate their Congress involvement along the guiding principles reuse, reduce and recycle.